facilities Pain can be overcome by the power of thought

facilities Pain can be overcome by the power of thoughtObserving the change in the activity centres of pain sensitivity on brain images obtained by magnetic resonance imaging scanner, a man can control his own combat experience. These are the conclusions of the staff of Stanford University, who published their study in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Science. In the course of the British scientists of the experiment, which was attended by 36 volunteers were divided into three groups, the hands of the subjects were exposed to thermal stress that can cause pain. The impact varied depending on the individual sensitivity of each participant in the experiment. At the same time the first group of subjects was asked to observe the received magnetic resonance tomograph reflections of changes in activity centres pain sensitivity own brain. Another group of participants such images was not offered, and the third group received image of the brain, not related to the feeling of pain. Читать полностью -->

USA spreading dangerous virus canine influenza

USA spreading dangerous virus canine influenzaOn the territory of the seven States of the United States of detected dangerous and Vysokogorsky virus canine influenza. Dr. cinda Crawford, immunologist from the Veterinary College of the University of Florida, studying the virus, noted that the pathogen can be transmitted not only between dogs living in the same house, but even if the animal will simply run down the street. In addition, the virus from dog to dog can move people. The cases recorded in specialized nurseries for racing dogs, the virus can also be found in pet shops in many places, including the suburbs of new York. According to experts, the disease is caused by a mutated virus equine influenza antigen formula H3N8. Читать полностью -->

half of Russians - diseased eyes

half of Russians - diseased eyesEvery second Russian suffers from this or any other disorder of view, according to the Ministry of health. "In Russia annually 500 thousands of visually impaired people, and every other Russian suffers from eye disease," says the Agency. According to the results of epidemiological monitoring, indicators of ocular morbidity in Russia is steadily increasing, and in most regions exceed the European average performance in 1,5-2 times". Only in the world, according to who lives 45 million blind people and 135 million people with serious visual impairments, the document says. The Interfax news Agency.. . Читать полностью -->

Tea is a source of longevity

Tea is a source of longevityTea is a source of longevity The most popular drink in the world in the twenty-first century will become fragrant tea, Chinese experts predict. This drink, in their opinion, will replace coffee and cocoa, because "better protect human health. Tea does not contain salts, fats and other substances that have a deleterious effect on the physical condition of the people, said the Professor, South China agricultural University Dean Tsuneji. The tea party is necessary for the lifestyle of modern people who care about their health. Moreover, these recent studies indicate that the life expectancy depends largely on how much people consume flavored drink. It was held in the Eastern Chinese province of Anhui. Читать полностью -->

Aircraft infect passengers cold

Aircraft infect passengers coldAircraft infect passengers cold American scientists have concluded that people travelling by plane, in a seven-fold increased likelihood of colds. Were surveyed nearly a thousand passengers, and found that more than 20% of them were sick with colds within seven days after the flight. Researchers from the University of California (University of California) also noted that the type of conditioning in the aircraft - one hundred percent fresh air or circulating in the cabin - it does not matter: probably blame the humidity level on the Board. Source:Membrana and Madlena.Ru. . . Читать полностью -->

A small dose of aspirin to prevent cancer

A small dose of aspirin to prevent cancerA small dose of aspirin to prevent cancer Oncologists at the University of Michigan in Ann arbor has published the results, confirming the possibility of using small doses of aspirin to prevent cancer. According to them, a daily intake of one tablet containing 81 mg of aspirin, seriously reduces the likelihood of colon cancer. Aspirin reduces the concentration of two hormones that promote growth of polyps, which can develop into cancer. Article Dean Brenner and his colleagues appeared in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute".. . . Читать полностью -->

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